Sergio Martinez Challenges Manny Pacquiao To Battle

It has been over a month since I wrote about Shane Mosley. A month. Seemed that he hold had to replace his door amount. Everyone knocking , hinges working loose. But the looks new. If CSI Miami investigated, I bet they wouldn't find merely one fingerprint.

Could Sergio Martinez Be Next For Manny Pacquiao?


The espresso that's amazing about Manny Pacquiao 's life is certainly not he was born in the Philippines or that he can now an additional politician generally there are. The one thing that definitely amazing usually that he is actually definitely an eight division world champion which by no means been accomplished before within world of boxing. The Ring has called Manny Pacquiao essentially the most effective pound for pound boxer in the world.

I in order to be admit the promotion via the UFC for UFC 100 puts most boxing promotions to being embarrassed. Probably because boxing promoters sell the show's off using a casino as well as network and wipe their hands any sort of promoting instead of a mid week press conference.

We are all aware of of the anti-climactic results of that match by now- one Pacquiao was well on his way to winning. But Juan Manuel's decision to apply a notorious steroids designer, who helped athletes cheat their way to victory, along with a never-before-seen physique and power, has left doubt about his spectacular 6th round triumph everywhere around the globe.

In another method part of my interview with Farhood we preserve the ball rolling and in some characters near or at exactly weight class as Floyd and Manny. From Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s upcoming title shot, Saul Alvarez's star appeal, the recent Timothy Bradley-Amir Khan fallout, the potential for a Miguel Cotto-Kermit Cintron showdown along the road, and a lot more, Farhood was candid with his delivery and insightful, is actually always situation.

Muhammad Ali was while much controversial and bold because was talented in the ring. He caused a stir when due to his conversion to Islam and his belief in civil rights, he refused the draft and as being a result his boxing license was suspended briefly. However, this never took free from his illustrious career. Ali was to begin with boxer to earn your global heavyweight title three time intervals.

De La Hoya and Schafer publicly apologized to Manny a few weeks ago and were dropped from the suit. Perhaps a formal apology from Floyd could have ended this complete legal matter but instead he responds by creating a t-shirt saying "Take the Test" coupled with a little pac-man character on this can.

If Pacquiao Foundation Manny wins in November, my hope is that he will raise the belt whereas hand it to the WBO president, Francisco Valcarcel. If Miguel wins, then my hope is they gives it to Bob Arum for picking down the sanctioning fees required using the WBO. The belt are likely to make a touching parting gift between Cotto and Arum. Cotto can then go get his old WBA belt back from Shane Mosley.

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